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Education Funds: CareerConcept Expands Cooperation with University

Munich’s Career Concept AG has expanded its successful years of cooperation with the GISMA Business School in Hannover. Now GISMA can provide tailored, purely income-based education funds to finance part-time students for the first time.




Education Fund Investors: The Special European Summit on Greece does not Interest Us

Debt drama in the U.S. and Europe, the worsening crisis in Greece: this does not have any impact on investors in asset class education. Even in 2011, the results of CareerConcept AG educational funds remain unaffected by the negative developments on capital markets.




Education Fund Demand at 120 Million Euros

CareerConcept AG has seen a strong demand for its education funds program once again in the past financial year. The study financing pioneer revealed today in Munich that almost 120 million Euros have been sought by applicants for education fund financing in the past three financial years. This is significantly more than an average of three million Euros per month. 




How money be made in education?

Investors have been able to share in the future income streams of young academics since 2002. Education funds are a kind of "venture capital", which are not just for business but for income shares. Is this an ethical or socially sustainable investment? A recent article in the magazine "Stiftung & Sponsoring" (issue of 15 August 2010, deals with this question while highlighting the formation of the Munich education fund pioneer Career Concept.




The Crisis in Greece and the Oil Spill: Asset Class Education not Affected

Munich, May 05,2010 - Asset class education once again shows its independence against the influence of current capital markets movements: neither the recent developments regarding the situation of Greece’s national debt nor the oil-contaminated Gulf of Mexico is currently influencing the returns from previous investments in education. This was indicated by Career Concept AG in Munich today.




Career Concept Celebrates its Birthday: Eight Years for Asset Class Education

Munich, 04.26.2010 - Exactly eight years ago today, Career Concept AG founded. Since then, the Munich company has dedicated itself to a vision: to mobilise private capital for education, so that no study fails due to lack of money. Thus,  "asset class education was created and successfully established: Career Concept has implemented  a total of eight education funds.These work with companies, foudations and individual persons to fund students from over 300 universities in over 20 countries along with the investors fund today companies, foundations and private students at . The students pay later back purely based on on income.




CareerConcept not Surprised by Rejection of Scholarship Program due to Economy

According to a report in the „Handelsblatt“  the Confederation of German Employers (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeber,BDA) has rejected financial commitments for the scholarship programs adopted today. The BDA found the scheduled amount of 300 million Euro to be "excessive". The financing of scholarships is not the original "mission of the company".
The education fund pioneer, CareerConcept AG, is not very surprised by this: "If one expects the economy to support students in great style every year, then one needs a permanently high cash effective investments,“ says executive Rolf C. Zipf. “This is just not realistic.“